Barrel I

Min : $25

Max :$999


Daily 100 Days

Total ROI-145%

Principle Included

Barrel II

Min : $1000

Max :$4999


Daily 100 Days

Total ROI-150%

Principle Included

Barrel III

Min : $4999

Max :$50000


Daily 100 Days

Total ROI-155%

Principle Included

Barrel IV

Min : $100

Max :$50000


After 100 Days

Total ROI-175%

Principle Included

Barrel V

Min : $100

Max :$50000


After 1 Month

Total ROI-115%

Principle Included

Investment Plan
Total Profit
Started: Jan 1, 2008
Running days: 3822
Total accounts: 4017
Total deposited: $ 12350.00
Total withdrawals:$ 2910.00
Visitors online:251
Last deposit: $ 510.00
Last withdraw: $ 5000.00
Active accounts:400
About the company
Oil production has been always very perspective kind of business from the financial point. No wonder oil is called “black gold”. Our company CST170 specializes on investing in rich oil deposits. We are co-owners of 17 oil-wells, each of which brings more than 1800 tons of oil per year. This allows us to have an income that counts in the millions. However, our goal is continuous growth, the desire to move forward. The mission of CST170 is in deposit development. We are ready to provide technological and human resources, to implement new and large investments. We have lots of global goals to achieve and we give you the opportunity to join and become part of our large team.
Traded as
NYSE: ASH S&P 400 Component
Oil and Gas
Key people
Chairman of the Board, William A. Wangjohn(CEO)
Oil and Gas
$2302 million (FY 2017)
Operating income
$726 million (FY 2017)
Net income
$ 12.52 billion (FY 2017)
Total assets
$ 4.029 billion (FY 2017)
Total equity
$ 5,001 (august 2017)
Number of employees

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You will receive a valuable legal document in the same day as your investment that certifies ownership of a specific number of shares and guarantee your investment on all sides.

Daily Sales Payment

Your daily sales will be added to your Russia oil account balance automatically every time for whole calendar days and can be withdrawn at any time.

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